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Blue-Green Algae Warning

Blue-Green Algae Warning

WaterNSW have issued an alert for the Mathoura and Deniliquin region

WaterNSW have released a statement on the algal alert issued in the Southern Riverina.

"A high-level algal warning (Red Alert) has been issued for the Gulpa Creek at Mathoura and the Edward River at Deniliquin. This declaration of a red alert follows testing undertaken by WaterNSW.

A red alert level warning indicates that people should not undertake recreational activities where they may be coming into direct contact with the water. Contact with the water may also pose a threat to livestock, and pets. The dominant cyanobacteria detected are known to be toxin producers and may produce a strong musty odour.

People are advised not to enter the water, not to drink untreated water or bathe in untreated water while a red alert level warning is in place. Boiling the water will not remove algal toxins.

People should not eat fish, mussels or crayfish from red alert warning areas. Blue-green algae usually appear as green paint-like scums on the water, near the edges, or as greenish clumps throughout the water. It makes the water appear dirty, green or discoloured and generally has a strong musty or earthy odour.

Updates about blue-green algae blooms and red level warning areas can be obtained by
calling 1800 999 457 or visiting –"

(End Statement)

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