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Bowls use Heat Rule

Bowls use Heat Rule

Soaring temperatures mean an early start for local bowls teams

Returning to the Weekend Pennant after a Christmas break, Campaspe Valley Bowls will be utilising a special rule this weekend.

The extreme heat expected will bring temperatures up to and above 40 degrees in some areas, which means the Pennant is not allowed to run.

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Spokesperson Tom Todd says the Heat Rule prevents them playing at their regular start time of 1pm in the expected conditions.

"Although it's going to be reasonably warm at the weekend, they have a rule within the Campaspe Valley that you may start at 9.30 in the morning," he said.

"So we had a phone call to say that bowls are on at 9.30 tomorrow morning for all Pennants in the Campaspe Valley."

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