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Bureau Predicts Rain

Bureau Predicts Rain

Bureau Predicts Rain across Northern Victoria

Rain is predicted across Northern Victoria for Wednesday and Thursday, providing much needed relief for farmers.

Senior Forecaster for the Bureau of Meteorology Michael Efron said only time will tell where the rain falls and how much the region should expect..

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"The highest confidence is across those Northern and North-Eastern parts of the state," he said.

"Those moist northerly winds will result in quite extensive rain across the ranges of central and northern, as well as north eastern Victoria, over Wednesday and Thursday."

Mr Efron also said the outlook is good news for the agricultural sector.

"Certainly a critical time of the year with crops being sown.

"It has been extremely dry across all of the state, certainly one of the driest starts to the year on record across Victoria.

"[We] desperately need rainfall across the state, most people will be happy with the rain."

The predicted rainfall can be seen at

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