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CFA head north

CFA head north

Local crews have travelled to the Hunter Region

Country Fire Authority has answered the call for more firefighting resources to be deployed to assist with the ongoing New South Wales bushfire emergency.

More than 300 members from across Victoria were sent to the Hunter Region and Goulburn yesterday, ahead of the predicted extreme or catastrophic fire conditions forecast for today.

District 20 Operations Manager Peter Taylor said the response from local crews has been tremendous.

"We had a number of people come forward," he said.

"We have specialist trucks these days so we need drivers, and when we're travelling that far we need drivers who can share driving.

"We had a bit of trouble getting that right but we managed to get 30 people out of our district."

Equipment has been borrowed from Bawmawn Extension, Echuca, Rushworth and Northern Campaspe Group, but Mr Taylor said crews have come from a cross-section of brigades across the Campaspe area.

"There's people from Tongala, Lockington, Echuca Village - it's a real team effort in getting that team together," he said.

The District 20 crew will be positioned out of the Singleton Army Base to assist with firefighting efforts in the Hunter Region.

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The large-scale deployment consisted of 286 firefighters, 18 supporting resources, as well as six additional task force members and one CFA Liaison Officer to be stationed at RFS Headquarters.

The 11 strike teams from across the state were grouped into two task forces and were deployed around 4pm on Sunday and aimed to be positioned by 7pm on Monday.

CFA has also despatched a fleet of 76 vehicles, including 55 tankers and 21 operational support vehicles.

CFA has not deployed crews from District 18 to ensure there are sufficient resources in place for the Mallee Region.

CFA Task Force 1 to be positioned at Hunter Region:
- Strike Team District 22/12
- Strike Team District 23/24
- Strike Team District 13
- Strike Team District 20
- Strike Team District 02
- Strike Team District 14

CFA Task Force 2 to be positioned at Goulburn:
- Strike Team District 6/7
- Strike Team District 8
- Strike Team District 15/16
- Strike Team District 9/27
- Strike Team District 10/11

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