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Code Red Conditions

Code Red Conditions

Northern Country residents should activate their bush fire plan

Today has been declared a total fire ban across the state of Victoria, with Code Red conditions in the Northern Country and Mallee regions.

No fire can be lit in the open air or be allowed to remain alight in the open air between 00:01am and 23:59pm.

The CFA has deemed today as a day where fires are likely to spread rapidly and could be difficult to control.

Northern Country residents should be aware of the Code Red conditions and the CFA advised people living in areas at risk of fire to activate their bush fire plan.

Victorians should also make sure they have access to more than one source of information. They include:

- EdgeFM and 2QN radio stations, ABC local radio, commercial and designated radio stations of Sky News

- The VicEmergency App

- The VicEmergency website

- The VicEmergency Hotline on 1800 226 226

- CFA or VicEmergency Twitter or Facebook

CFA officials have stated old burn-offs are going to be one of the biggest threats, with property owners being urged to patrol burnt off land from the past two weeks.

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The following restrictions apply in the open air on days of Total Fire Ban and during the Fire Danger Period.

- BBQ/Campfires for warmth or comfort
- Commercial Catering that requires operation of a barbecue, cooker, hotplate or spit at outdoor functions
- Solid fuel BBQ and spit style rotisserie fires
- Scaring gun
- Burning off
- Driving vehicles through crops, grass, undergrowth and other vegetation
- Chainsaw, plant trimmer or lawn mower use
- Hot work such as welding, grinding, soldering, relocatig bees or extracting honey using heat
- Incinerator use
- Farm machinery within 9 metres of any crops, grass, undergrowth or other vegetation

Residents who see a fire should call Triple Zero (000) immediately.

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