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Commission Rejections

Commission Rejections

Parties are rejecting claims made in the MDBP Royal Commission

After the South Australian Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin Plan, parties have come forward to challenge the results.

CEO of the Murray Darling Basin Authority Phillip Glyde has rejected some of the criticisms made in the report.

He said Commissioner Bret Walker made it clear he believes the Authority is guilty of maladministration and of acting unlawfully.

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On behalf of the Authority, Mr Glyde strongly rejected these claims, and said in his three years with the company his staff have worked diligently and with integrity.

He said the accusations stem from a difference in opinion about the policy intent of the water reform.

He continues to stand by the Authorities submission to the Commissioner standing they believe the Basin Plan is legal and in the interest of all Australians.

In addition, Member for Murray Austin Evans said Bret Walker's recommendations of increased water buy-backs not impacting communities is 'ridiculous'.

He then continued, challenging Mr Walker to visit the Murray Electorate to see the damage the water buy-backs have cost.

Mr Evans said communities like Wakool have suffered a 53% drop in full-time employment because of direct water buy-backs.

He also said he will never support a bill that takes more water away from the region.

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