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Source: Eyewatch - Campaspe Police Service Area

Crime Stats Decrease

Crime Stats Decrease

Source: Eyewatch - Campaspe Police Service Area

Campaspe Crime Decreases But It's Bad News For Rochy & Rushy

The Crime Statistics Agency yesterday released their latest update on criminal activity across the state and Campaspe has come out on the good side of the law (sort of).

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The total number of criminal incidents in the Campaspe area up to June 2020 was 2,658; an 11.9% decrease from 2019 - making the area one of the top 5 in the state.

Echuca's total number of incidents made up 1,476 of those, significantly higher compared to the next 'most criminally active town'; Kyabram at 475.

Rochester totalled 159 incidents, Tongala; 96 and Rushworth; 85.

Crime in Rochester and Rushworth has actually increased since 2019.

The type of criminal incident that occurs the most in Campaspe are 'breaches of family violence orders', followed by theft and then criminal damage.

The type of criminal incident that has increased in Campaspe, however, was 'breaches of bail conditions' with 179 incidents.

And where are you most likely to 'find crime' in the area?

In your own home, with 641 incidents recorded at a house.

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