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Election Day Jobs

Election Day Jobs

Election Day Jobs on offer

With the upcoming Federal Election, local residents are being encouraged to sign up for a job on election day.

Australian Electoral Commission spokesperson, Evan Ekin-Smyth said more people are needed to ensure the election runs smoothly.

"The Federal election doesn't implement itself, and we don't have enough permanent staff to get the job done," he said.

Mr Ekin-Smyth said there is no experience required to sign up as a polling official.

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"We provide you with training on the job, and it actually does provide you will really good experience."

He said there is a variety of jobs still on offer.

"In Cobram and surrounding areas we've got about six polling places which we need to staff with around 50 people.

"In the Echuca area we have eight polling places running, and we need around 65 staff members.

"In Deniliquin we need around 20 staff members."

More information on jobs can be found at

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