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Extra Meals on Wheels

Extra Meals on Wheels

More Volunteers and Committee Members Needed

Local Residents and Businesses are being urged to consider volunteering with Deniliquin Meals on Wheels as the organisation looks to fill vacant roster positions.

Maureen Strutt and Anne Raynor from Meals on Wheels spoke on 2QN's Weekend Break about attracting more volunteers to the organisation, whether as drivers or committee members. Listen in above....

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The Deniliquin Meals on Wheels Rosters for the rest of September are listed below. Well done to those individuals and businesses that already donate their time and energy to supporting those in need in our community.

If you would like more details on volunteering, contact Coordinator Michelle Hand on 5881 7310

Deni Meals on Wheels Volunteer Roster

10th to 14th September 2018

Monday 10th September

A & C Rayner

N Fisher & K Smith

Tuesday 11th September

N Walle & V Bult

J Balsdon & M Middlemiss

Wednesday 12th September

Fleming Partners

R Lawrence & M Erickson

Thursday 13th September

Kurrajong Deniliquin

A Plant

Friday 14th September

D Macknight

D Hand, P Baker, B Trist

Deni Meals on Wheels Volunteer Roster

17th to 21st September 2018

Monday 17th September

D Morris & K Maher

K Plattfuss & C Cameron

Tuesday 18th September

R Jefferies & P Britton

C Maher & V Marshall

Wednesday 19th September

J Macknight & M Gove

D & P McMillan

Thursday 20th September

Kurrajong Deniliquin

B Berry

Friday 21st September

J Petersen

Kurrajong Deniliquin

Deni Meals on Wheels Volunteer Roster

24th to 28th September 2018

Monday 24th September

J Tainsh & D Peterson

S Smith & J Moores

Tuesday 25th September

Water NSW

L & P Hook

Wednesday 26th September

A Norris & C Motton

K Plattfuss & C Cameron

Thursday 27th September

Kurrajong Deniliquin

P Hogan & J Armytage

Friday 28th September

J & C Nicholas

G Griffiths & M Chaplin

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