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Image: Can Assist Finley

Finley Can Assist

Finley Can Assist

Image: Can Assist Finley

Can Assist will help keep the cars of cancer patients on the road

The Finley Can Assist branch have welcomed a new partnership with and together they encourage regional and remote cancer patients to reach out and ask for help.

A cancer diagnosis in regional areas of NSW often brings the additional burden of travelling long distances for treatment. The new partnership allows Can Assist to ease the burden, and keep the cars of Finley patients on the road when they need it most.

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The partnership provides funding to help pay for CTP green slip insurance for cancer patients in need, who rely on their car to get to treatment.

With the closest specialist cancer centre 110km away in Shepparton, and many patients travelling further to Wagga Wagga, Albury and Melbourne, Vice President of the Finley branch Fred Braybon said the funding is more than welcome.

"Unlike city people who can just go around the corner, it's a day," he said.

"It's a production to get to and from this treatment, so if keeping their car on the road and registered enables them to do that, then we're doing our job.

"We feel pretty good about that."

Since the donation Can Assist have supported two locals with their green slip insurance, with two more in the process.

Mr Braybon said the funding was unexpected.

"It's a fantastic thing that greenslips have done," he said.

"There's 55 branches in NSW and we were one of the two chosen [to receive the funding]."

Can Assist Finley is a community based volunteer network, with all money raised locally staying in the region.

They are funded entirely by local donations and corporate sponsorships.

Finley Can Assist volunteer Suellyn Staff said when people are first referred to Can Assist, they are often shy.

"No one is ever a burden. We’re local volunteers here to help Finley. And is also here to help Finley," she said.

"Everyone’s privacy is respected and details of assistance kept confidential within a small group of Can Assist volunteers. Don’t be shy, we want to help."

If you or someone you know in the Finley region has cancer, Can Assist invites you to seek their support.

Doctors are able to refer patients to Can Assist, or they can be contacted directly on 0499 923 134, or by visiting

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