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Johnno's Run

Johnno's Run

Donations continue after the run

Johnno's Run has come to an end, but donations are still coming in.

On Sunday, 175 runners hit the streets of Melbourne for the official Run Melbourne event.

Opening Doors Ambassador Brett Sands said it was an enjoyable event to be apart of.

"I think there was 30- or 40-thousand people doing the run, it was just an unbelievable vibe," he said.

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Many of the runners set themselves a challenge to complete longer distances or faster runs.

"I did the 10km with my wife Mel, she's never done 10kms before, so it was really good just to cruise along," Mr Sands said.

"She made it all the way, didn't walk, did it under an hour, so she was stoked.

"A lot of the other guys did some personal bests as well."

The fundraising total is yet to be confirmed, but the fundraising page has exceeded the goal of $75k.

Mr Sands said the community support has been phenomenal.

"It's changed a bit from when I first did it in 2014 - we only had 14 people on the team," he said.

"We raised a bit of money that year, $30,000, but the total is getting up near $400,000 over the six years."

The third Opening Doors Project is currently under construction on Maiden Street, Moama.

Mr Sands believed the community is willing to back the project, as they can see the benefits.

"I think people have really seen that transition and what we're doing - they physically see something, they can drive past the house," he said.

"There's people from all over the community, so you're not asking for donations from the same people all the time - it's a big branch, it's really cool."

Construction on the Moama Opening Doors Project is expected to be complete in November, 2019.

Donations are still open, and can be made here.

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