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Can You Get Them All?

Steve smashed it this morning in the Mad Minute quiz, winning himself $1000!

Can you get all 10 questions right in 60 seconds?

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Start your!

1. What was Hugh Hefner's jet plane called?

2. Who is the host of Beauty & the Geek Australia?

3. A mother's myth is if you eat crusts, your hair will...?

4. What is the order of events for a triathlon?

5. What city does the Pope live in?

6. IQ measures what?

7. Cooking in Australia, how many milliliters are in a cup?

8. Which Australian TV network is broadcasting the Tokyo Olympic Games?

9. If a woman is a bride, what is the man called?

10. On a standard keyboard, what letter is between A & D?

ANSWERS (don't cheat)

1. The Big Bunny 2. Sophie Monk 3. Go curly 4. Swim - bike - run 5. Vatican City 6. Intelligence 7. 250 8. Seven 9. Groom 10. S

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