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Mask rules indoors remain

Mask rules indoors remain

Patrons will be required to wear masks when not eating or drinking

Patrons at hospitality venues in regional Victoria will need to remain masked up when not eating or drinking for the time being.

The Victorian government announced on Wednesday that masks would no longer be mandatory inside for businesses who do not have face to face work with people from the wider community, as well as schools from midnight.

But the decision to leave mask rules in place in most indoor settings despite the state recording an eighth day without a local case have been met with disappointment by hospitality operators.

Echuca Workers general manager Erin Langman said it was a disappointing decision.

"I'm disappointed," she said.

"I don't understand the reasoning behind it with some areas being changed and some not.

"We are definitely disappointed in the outcome, and I think our customers will be too."

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Ms Langman said that while the introduction of masks in New South Wales had somewhat leveled the playing field, she still believed that masks were going to have an impact on business going forward.

"Our customers are getting used to the idea," she said.

"And we are all sort of resigned to the fact we are going to have to wear them for a little bit longer, but it has at least some impact.

"You continue to get some people complaining pretty loudly about the rules, even though they are not ones we put in by choice.

"We have to enforce them and we will continue to do so, but we would love to see some changes made for the sake of our customers."

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