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What a catch

What a catch

Barooga angler lands the catch of a lifetime

It's the kind of catch that has to be seen to believe.

Barooga angler Brayden Smith landed this monster Murray Cod at the weekend.

After several luckless fishing expeditions along the Murray, Brayden and brother Tyler were in the boat for just 20 minutes when the 132cm monster cod jumped on the lure.

"We've been going for hours with no result. This time we had been flicking lures for 20 minutes and then this," he said.

When he first felt the line bend, Brayden was convinced he either had a pretty good sized cod or a yellow belly.

"The big cods don't tend to fight too much, they are pretty slow," he said.

"This one gave a fair bit of fight."

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But the catch of a lifetime was almost over before it began.

With the fish near the boat, it couldn't fit in the net and at the last minute the line snapped.

"We very nearly lost it. If my brother wasn't with me and I was there by myself I would have lost it and no-one would have believed me," he said.

The cod measured 132cm long and 65cm from belly to spine. While he was unable to measure it, Brayden reckoned it topped 100 pounds.

"I can lift two bags of concrete without any dramas and I struggled to hold the fish. I would say it was easily more than 100 pounds," he said.

"He was so healthy, after a photo he was safely released back into the water."

Brayden is a member of Cobram-Barooga Angling Club and credit the advice of experienced members who helped him to catch the giant cod.

After the cod was released, Brayden did what any good angler would do, went back to camp, cracked open a beer and told a good tale.

A tale he'll be telling it for quite some time.

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