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Mooring Changes

Mooring Changes

Murray River Council are looking to amend mooring exclusion zones

The Murray River Council are introducing temporary mooring zones into Barham, Tooleybuc and Moulamein, as they look to increase tourism in the area.

The Council have resolved to amend the Wakool Development Control Plan 2013 to permit council-owned public infrastructure within current mooring exclusion zones.

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Mayor Chris Bilkey said it will help visitors use the water to explore the areas, as Council look to overturn the current exclusion zones.

"It's a great innovation and I think it will attract more people to come and moor there for a short period, and be able to make use of the towns adjacent to those mooring areas," he said.

Cr Bilkey said the need for amendments were highlighted after both the Barham and Tooleybuc communities raised the need for better river access to the town areas.

"We've therefore resolved to amend the Wakool DCP to permit both the installation of river structures adjacent to council-managed land and the temporary mooring of river vehicles, with some restrictions still attached," he said.

The amendment will have the following restrictions:

- Only permit one public mooring structure within the exclusion zones

- That the one public mooring must be attached to or be adjacent to land owned or managed by Council

- That the public mooring only permit temporary mooring of vessels

- That the public mooring must be an asset of Council

The amendment will pave the way for the extension of The Boardwalk in Barham.

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