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New Murray Irrigation CEO

New Murray Irrigation CEO

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New CEO plans to talk with shareholders to develop a new plan for regional irrigation

Only two weeks into his new role as Murray Irrigation's CEO, Phil Endley has already announced his vision for regional irrigation services.

His approach aimed for effective irrigation services in Deniliquin, Finley and Wakool.

Phil Endley has joined Murray Irrigation as their new CEO

"I'm really passionate about water - I've worked in the water sector for thirty years," he said.

"I've spent the past four years in Northern Victoria, Mildura, and working around subjects to do with the Murray Darling and the plan."

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Mr Endley said he looks forward to fostering the opportunities presented by the company’s modernisation work, in particular, the broader issues surrounding the Basin Plan and its communities.

He said it is important the company looks for ways to increase water security for the region to provide a level of certainty for irrigators and regional communities.

"The first thing I want to do is talk to as many of our customers as I can.

"Obviously there's a lot of them but I want to listen as much as possible and really understand what they need and what they need us to deliver.

"And then I think from there the plan is extremely simple - it's to advocate as hard as possible to achieve what they need."

Mr Endley said he understood the complex matters which give rise to many diverse opinions, but believed the longevity of the nation's asset needs to be considered.

"We're all working towards the same aim," he said.

"We need to be working with the stakeholders.

"The first thing is to listen to our customers, the second is to work with our stakeholders to ensure that we are able to deliver water with greater reliability than has been possible for the last couple of years.

"My immediate aim is to strengthen ties with irrigators, members of parliament, government agencies across three states, and the various stakeholder groups to work on real, tangible solutions that will benefit all parties."

Mr Endley will visit local shareholders and stakeholders over coming weeks and encourages people to discuss their thoughts with him.

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