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Operation Go Slow

Operation Go Slow

Operation Go Slow

The Murray River Police District are reminding drivers of double demerits in New South Wales.

'Operation Go Slow' runs from 12.01am on Wednesday until 11.59pm on Sunday.

This is the second operation to run this week, following 'Operation Tortoise' over the Easter long weekend.

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The campaign comes as many motorists take advantage of the ANZAC Day public holiday by going away for the weekend.

It also falls at the end of the NSW school holidays, when many families return home from the break.

Inspector for the Murray River Police District, Paul Huggett, said police are making an effort to prioritise driver safety.

"It's not about infringement notices - it's about engaging with as many motorists as we can to try and reinforce those safe driving messages," he said.

"It could be that one stop that wakes the person up ... that stops them falling asleep and obviously having a horrific accident."

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