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Pause the Plan Meeting

Pause the Plan Meeting

A meeting to pause the MDBP is being held in Deniliquin

A 'Pause the Plan' campaign is coming to Deniliquin on Thursday for a public meeting.

The campaign is being led by the Murray Regional Strategy Group, who are calling for a pause to the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

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They believe no more water should be taken until a solution is found that doesn't harm the environment or communities.

Thursday's meeting is being coordinated by West Berriquin Irrigators and Denimein Landholders Association, following a successful meeting in Barham last week that saw 250 attendees.

West Berriquin Irrigators Chair Andrew Crossley said it was time politicians recognized the damage being done.

"It is failing the environment and failing regional communities," he said.

"We have a ridiculous situation where authorities are trying to stick to pre-determined deadlines which were established before anyone knew the plan would be such a disaster."

Chair for Denimein Landholders Jon Gatacre said the call to pause the plan has been made by businesses, farmers, communities and local governments, and their reasons have been carefully researched to be presented at the meeting.

He said numerous reports have identified problems with the Plan and have found serious and ongoing concerns

"A full review and analysis of the reports should be completed before meeting any artificial 'deadline' required by the plan; failure to do so is both wrong and disingenous," Mr Gatacre said.

The meeting will be held at the Deni RSL at 7pm on Thursday.

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