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Regions remain locked down

Regions remain locked down

Regional NSW will remain in lockdown for another week

The NSW Government have today announced the extension of the lockdown of regional areas.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said during the state press conference on Thursday that the regions would have their lockdown timeline aligned with the rest of the state to August 28.

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"Given the outbreak in western NSW and a few cases elsewhere throughout the regions, the lockdown in regional NSW will align with the rest of NSW," she said.

"So until at least the August 28, all of regional NSW will also remain in lockdown as a precaution."

Ms Berejiklian said she understood parts of the state with no cases would be frustrated by the news, but that it was essential to stay in lockdown.

"We know that there are vast areas of NSW where there aren't any cases, but everybody would appreciate and expect us to take a precautionary response given we have the opportunity to get down to zero cases in the regions

"That's certainly something we want to achieve, and therefore we are taking that precautionary response."

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