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Local sport return

Local sport return

Local football and netball will return this weekend

Local football and netball leagues have not wasted a second of time in responding to regional Victoria exiting lockdown.

The Picola and District Football and Netball League and the Murray Football and Netball League have both announced they will return to action this Saturday in a bid to get their seasons finished.

Both league's will abandon the round that was scheduled last weekend, and resume with the rounds that would have been scheduled for this weekend.

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Picola League operations manager Shane Railton said it was essential to get the season back up and running once the opportunity presented itself.

"It's critically important," he said.

"In our decision making, the most important thing coming from clubs was the opportunity for clubs to re-engage with their players.

"I think that's a really key point driven by our clubs - the social impacts that community sport gives.

"And it gives us another potentially six weeks of kids being engaged in sport, and I think we all know when people are engaged in team sport, the better off they will be."

Murray League general manager Dale Norman said the league was ready to go.

"It was vital we kicked off straight away," he said.

"It's not ideal not having a crowd in Victoria, and we may have to adjust the finals structure as a result. But we will make it work, it's great for our community to be able to have sport back for our region."

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