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Tourism Bodies Go Ahead

Tourism Bodies Go Ahead

Murray River Council has resumed work with local tourism bodies

Murray River Council has resolved to resume work with tourism bodies in the region.

In September last year, Council decided to suspend their engagement with Echuca-Moama Tourism and Murray Regional Tourism.

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After discussions with both organisations Council overturned their decision to suspend collaboration.

Mayor Chris Bilkey said both organisations are beneficial to the region.

"EMT has done a fantastic job in building visitor numbers in Echuca-Moama over the last 10 years," he said.

"The data certainly bears that out, the overnight stays have increased dramatically during that period.

"Murray Regional Tourism... has also coordinated a lot of marketing activity [and] event management that also has fed into EMT's success in building visitor numbers."

Cr Bilkey said it was the right move for Council to continue working alongside them.

"It seems logical for us, as a Council that benefits from those increased tourism numbers, to resume our support [and] engagement with EMT," he said.

"It also gives us the opportunity to work through EMT to build tourism in towns that are not directly in the Echuca-Moama satellite.

"Other smaller communities along the Murray like Barham, Tooleybuc, Murray Downs and Wakool, they can all benefit if we can work with EMT to build tourism marketing into those communities."

Cr Bilkey said he applauds the decision, as it will build tourism in towns along the river.

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