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Tuppal New Infrastructure

Tuppal New Infrastructure

Over $1 Million Poured Into Tuppal Creek Restoration

The "degraded" Tuppal Creek, as quoted by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment, will receive a $1.3 million upgrade of irrigation infrastructure.

The department claims the infrastructure "can increase water delivery fivefold".

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Water for the Environment Director Derek Rutherford said the capacity of the irrigation system was 40 megalitres per day; now up to 200 megalitres per day can be delivered into the Tuppal Creek.

"A trial of the new infrastructure, between Deniliquin and Tocumwal, has already seen improved river red gum condition and improved connectivity with the Edward River," Mr Rutherford said.

"The Department has been working with Tuppal Creek landholders for several years to restore the Creek and has invested drought funding in partnership with local company Murray Irrigation Limited in this work.

"Over time, the increased water flows into the Tuppal Creek will provide improved habitat for native fish and ecosystem health. This will add support to the recreational fishing and tourism industries of the Deniliquin area.

"Tuppal Creek is part of the Murray River system and we know that healthy rivers are the lifeblood of inland New South Wales. Healthy rivers energise the landscape and support economic and environmental outcomes.

"They support native wildlife alongside a range of industries that include irrigation, dryland agriculture, fishing, tourism, timber and honey production.

"During dry times, water for the environment is used efficiently to provide refuge sites for key plant and animal species, ensuring their survival in the longer term," Mr Rutherford said.

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