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Vaccine rates rise

Vaccine rates rise

Vaccine rates across Northern Victoria and the Southern Riverina continue to rise

Four local LGA's have now crossed the 90 per cent first dose rate, while a fifth is sitting on the verge of doing so as well.

New data released by the Commonwealth shows the Northern Victorian and Southern Riverina regions continue to roll up their sleeves and get the jab as the nation closes in on the eighty per cent first dose vaccination rate.

The biggest jump in first dose comes from Campaspe, who have seen close to a five per cent increase in the first jab, while both Ganawarra and Murray River have jumped close to seven per cent on second dose.

Local LGA vaccination data is as follows:

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Berrigan: 1st - 89.3% (up from 86.9%), 2nd - 65.1% (up from 60.8%).

Edward River: 1st - 60.3% (up from 58.3%), 2nd - 45.0% (up from 42.2%).

Murray River: 1st - >95% (>95%), 2nd - 80.2% (up from 73.0%).

Murrumbidgee: 1st: 80.9% (up from 77.6%), 2nd - 51.6% (up from 47.5%).

Campaspe: 1st - 92.5% (up from 87.8%), 2nd - 60.2% (up from 54.3%).

Ganawarra: 1st - 91.2% (up from 87.1%), 2nd - 62.4% (up from 55.5%).

Moira: 1st - 91.2% (up from 87.4%), 2nd - 58.4% (up from 53.9%).

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