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Vaccines trend upwards

Vaccines trend upwards

Northern Victoria has hit 95% first dose vaccination

The Northern Victorian region has hit a major vaccination milestone.

In accordance with federal government data covering the past week of vaccinations, the Northern Victorian region - the Ganawarra, Campaspe and Moira shires - have all passed the 95 per cent single dose vaccination position.

They join the Murray River in the Southern Riverina above the 95 per cent mark, the highest number the records reflect.

The Berrigan Shire has also entered the 90 per cent territory, while Murrumbidgee is also closing in on 85 per cent.

But the Edward River Council continues to sit well behind the rest of the region, now the only LGA in New South Wales to not hit the 70 per cent first vaccination mark, as well as the only local LGA who has not yet reached the 50 per cent full vaccination mark.

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Berrigan: 1st - 91.7% (up from 89.3%), 2nd - 71.6% (up from 65.1%).

Edward River: 1st - 62.7% (up from 60.3%), 2nd - 47.7% (up from 45.0%).

Murray River: 1st - >95% (>95%), 2nd - 87.3% (up from 80.2%).

Murrumbidgee: 1st: 83.6% (up from 80.9%), 2nd - 57.5% (up from 51.6%).

Campaspe: 1st - >95% (up from 92.5%), 2nd - 67.6% (up from 60.2%).

Ganawarra: 1st - >95% (up from 91.2%), 2nd - 68.5% (up from 62.4%).

Moira: 1st - >95% (up from 91.2%), 2nd - 65.9% (up from 58.4%)

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