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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

A local florist provides insight on their busiest day of the year

The romance of Valentine's Day isn't lost on any florist, as they prepare for their busiest day of the year.

Owner of Riverport Florist in Echuca, Sarah Newman, said they were expecting plenty of business throughout the week.

"We're expecting anywhere from 150-200 orders pre-ordered for Valentine's Day itself," she said.

"Our walk-ins could be anywhere from 200-300 people on the day, and that's not even including the couple of days before which are also fairly massive for us."

The celebration of love and romance is not lost on the business owner, who said she was happy to see so many people celebrating.

"I think everybody likes to spread the love a little bit - whether it's for that special partner or whether it's just showing your friend or family member that you've got a little bit of love there to share."

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Many gift-givers have opted for the traditional flowers and chocolate combination.

Ms Newman said while all sorts of flowers have been ordered, red roses are overwhelmingly the favourite.

"They are the classic symbol of love, but in saying that, we do cater for people who don't like red roses," she said.

"We definitely do all sorts of mixed flowers and native flowers are also really quite popular, but your go-to is definitely red roses."

While some continue to buy flowers throughout the rest of the year, Ms Newman said the influx of orders during the week of February has helped the business.

"It's one of our main days and it definitely props up our business for other parts of the year that are quiet," the florist stated.

"Our business drops off over the winter months, so Valentine's Day is especially important .. it's definitely a big part of our business."

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